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How to Design Great User Interface, Tips and Tricks

A Great User Interface will always focus on what the needs of the user and ensures that the elements present can be easily understood and is accessible by the user. User Interface combines the concept of visual design with information available and interactional design. It basically works to make the user’s experience better.The best designers make their interface in such a way that it is completely invisible to the user. To make the user interface invisible, the designer needs to make be clear in language they on messaging and labels. Moreover, they need to avoid any unnecessary elements that would cause cluttering and result in confusion.

For a Great User Interface the user interface can be consistent if the designers use common elements. The common elements allow the users to feel more comfortable which allows them to get done with things easily and they feel positive about using the device. Moreover, it is important that the designer creates similar patterns and language in the layout so that the consumer adapts to the site quickly and it is easy for them to further accommodate the knowledge that they have previously attained on the other parts of the site. The user would then feel more comfortable when they have finally learned to make their way across the site or the software. However, there are a few aspects that a user might expect from any user interface. We have listed down these points that the designer should focus on to create a Great User Interface.

The user needs to create hierarchy around the site for better understanding and a great user Interface The designer can use same font sizes to denote something that has a similar concept so that the user can relate to them over and over again. Different fonts, sizes and arrangement of texts help increase readability, legibility and increases the scanning power of the user.

The designer should make sure that the user interface communicates properly with the user. If the user interface fails to do this, then the user will end up confused. Designers should make sure that they inform their users about the changes in locations or any actions and tell them about any errors that might currently be taking place.

The main task of the designer is to understand the user they will be catering to because it is important they create the site according to the comfort of the user.

As it is the main job of the designer to focus on the color of the site to attract more users they need to make sure that the texture color they use on their site is comfortable for the user. Color and texture has the ability to direct and re-direct attention to and from different items and the designers can use this as an advantage to guide the users according to them on the site.

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