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Opencart or WooCommerce for E-Commerce Website

With the rapid growth of E-Commerce business are quickly introducing their services and products. This has lead to E-Commerce Website platforms continuously changing and expanding in efforts to fulfil their costumers needs and requirements.E-Commerce players are striving to provide their customers with the best of services in terms of ease and efficiency. This is why E-Commerce has become fairly easy and simple however when creating an E-Commerce Website one requires certain skills and tools which enable them to start off their business. The most important decision when it comes to creating an online store is choosing the right E-Commerce Website platform for your business.

Choosing the right platforms crucial because it is the basis of where your business will exists and grow one must make this choice very wisely and think about their needs and requirements and choose the platform that fulfill them in the best way.

Let’s compare the two platforms and see which one is the better of the two. We will compare them in the following categories:

For OpenCart store the installation process is fairly simple. Once you’re through with the installation you can immediately start working on your shop by selecting a template, and then just add products and you are ready to start selling. However the process is a bit different for WooCommerce . You have to be an owner of WordPress website before you can set up. This website will be transformed into an E-Commerce store.

With WooCommerce, your store performance and statistics are available on the WordPress dashboard. Whereas OpenCart shopping cart has an admin interface enabling you to have full control over your store.

Both platforms provide the essential tools for to design your store as you like. With WooCommerce you can utilize all the templates designed by WooThemes. OpenCart also provides numerous attractive themes that you can use.

Both platforms provide users with the facility to get help from a professional at a fairly reasonable price. For general questions and queries you may join the community forum which is very helpful. There are free video tutorials that are very helpful as well.But overall Open source shopping carts have very bad support services.

OpenCart offers a wide range of payment methods to choose from (around 20) whereas with WooCommerece your only options include PayPal, Authorize, 2Chechout.Net and Google Checkout. However you can always develop a payment module on your own or purchase a paid extension.

WooCommerce and OpenCart are two E-Commerce Website tools which provide you with and easy platform to start off your business. The two platforms offer a range of features and options to choose from to enhance your user experience.

Both the platforms offer a very flexible discount coupon system which is guaranteed to help you gain more customers. They also SEO which helps increase store rankings in search engines. Both platforms also offer many additional. However, OpenCart has comparatively much more add-ons and modules which increase its functionality.

Both E-Commerce Website platforms has their Pros and Cons. It’s your choice according to your business needs. If you are into pure E-Commerce Website solution, nothing more customize then Opencart is best for you. On the other hand if you need more customization and functionality you can choose WooCommerce.

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