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Brand Identity Design

Branding is all about consistency, anyone who has listened to a fervent crowd knows there is power in a unified voice.

Brand for breakfast? You’re actually eating a brand. Every day we make choices based on “brands”- the reputation, the image, the perception by which organizations succeed or fail. Every communication, every choice, every word you choose shapes the quality of yours. Is it saying exactly what you wish? Everything we touch at WaterCore is not seen as an individual project, but a chance to build a beneficial Brand Identity for the client. We go beyond marketing to provide longer-lasting results your company can live by every day.

We take special care in brand identity so that you are going to be able to find your way to the market that you are heading for with a clear identity that both you and your potential customers will be able to understand clearly and trust.

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Different Verticals of Brand Identity

All successful businesses have a very strong brand identity because it aids them in becoming successful. Thus brand identity is quite important for a business. Here are some verticals of strong Brand Identity Design.

Ideally, the Brand strategy is where it all begins. For both existing and start-up brands, the idea is to privately pull back the curtain, revealing the audience's deep-set emotional connections with your message. The research is intuitive and comprehensible, supplemented by the professional guidance of an experienced marketing team. The strategy is provided simultaneously, a step-by-step plan to advance your brand to where it needs to go over the course of a year, with accountability and follow-up measures in place to ensure the initiative stays on track.

Branding is all about consistency. Anyone who has listened to a fervent crowd knows there is power in a unified voice. Brand standards provide every brand supporter a clear guide to keep the brand investment on track. Every leader, every communicator, every supplier has a passionate reminder of the brand's goals and message at their fingertips. Our team creates highly professional brand standards with the help of our client's organization, leaving flexibility to amend brand standards each year.

Any organization with multiple entities, any business with multiple products faces important decisions to either distinguish or unify each sub-brand's meaning to the marketplace. Often, the roles are cluttered, overlapping, or unclear - and therefore meaningless or damaging to the audience's perception. Relationships in branding send important messages, we create great relationships with our clients to make sure they're effective.

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