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Domain Name and SSL

A better domain name is your internet real estate, make it secure for your audience with SSL Certificate.

It is very hard for us Humans to learn the URLs or the IP address of a webpage which is why domain names came into existence. These are simple easy to remember words that are incorporated into the IP address and help us reach the desired webpage. Normally we call them the name of the website such as ‘CulturePOPcorn.com’. The domain name system automatically converts these easy to remember words into an IP Address for the web browser.

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a data security tool that was designed to keep communication over the internet safe. Data sent via an SSL connection is protected by a mechanism called encryption that scrambles the data in transit to prevent theft and tampering.

Domain Name

Register your Domain with us

Imagine that the internet is like a map, the webpages it holds are the actual building and places. The URL of a webpage gives the exact location of the webpage on the internet. Domain names are important for running a website. Some people might think that registering a domain name is hard but in reality it is quite simple. All you have to do is think of domain name for your website and let us know. We will book domain for you and give you the ownership of the domain name instantly.

Transfer your existing domain to us

Transfer of a domain name is requires when you move your website to us. It’s quite simple but takes up time for all the parties to approve the transfer. Transferring your domain depends upon what you are changing, registrar, email host, web host or DNS hosting. DNS hosting is the simplest. All you have to do is sign up with us and we will take care everything for you.


Secured Protocol


Sub-domain Prefix


Business Name


The top-level domain

Benefits of SSL Certificate

The major purpose of an SSL certificate is to encrypt information so that it can only be read and understood by the intended parties.

Provides Authentication

When obtaining an SSL certificate, another type of protection called a server certificate is also issued. This certificate acts as a mediator between browsers and SSL servers to show that the SSL certificate provider can be trusted.

Added Brand Power

All of these elements work together to create trust between a customer and a business. Companies with SSL certificates gives customers an added level of assurance and trust that their information is safe and secure as it travels online.

Guards Against Phishing

Phishing emails often contain links that lead unsuspecting customers to a convincing replica of an otherwise reputable site. When customers don’t see the signs of security on a site, they’re navigate away without entering any information.

Seo Advantages

Google rewards all-HTTPS sites increasing their search engine ranking. Google announced that the ranking position of a website can be increased by using an SSL certificate, which will give your business added advantage against non SSL competitors website.

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