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Email Marketing

If Social Media is the cocktail party then Email Marketing is the meetup for coffee.

In this era the world revolves around the internet. Everything today is happening on the internet including business and marketing. Email marketing is one of the effective ways to communicate with your customers and promote your product and services. Emails are used widely by everyone today. Email marketing has been cited as the most effective digital channel for customer retention.

Customers prefer emails over face to face meetings. Update your customers through emails is one of the best marketing strategy. Personalize your email in a way that the customer believes that it is authentic and not some kind of fraud or spams. Businesses need an effective email marketing plan in order to reach and engage with subscribers.

Email Marketing

Techniques for Email Marketing

Personalize the email without using name

Using the name of the customers might go against your marketing strategy. Many spams and identity theft emails contain personal greetings thus adding a personal greeting to your email might throw it off its hook. Personalize your email through other components like Records of customers purchases, receipts or previous mails.

Add Visuals

Visuals are the key feature in attracting the attention of the reader. Add appealing and persuasive images to your email so that the customer is attracted to them. Visuals help in engaging the interest of the customers in the email. The more interested the customers are in your email the more chances are there of them responding to it.

Design responsive emails

Around 58% of the emails are responded through the mobile phones. People use different gadgets to view and respond to an email which is why it is important to design responsive emails for better user satisfaction.

Work on subject lines

Subject lines are important. It gives the reader the main idea of the email. Make your subject lines short and clear. The more appealing your subject line is the more chances are there that reader is going to view and respond it.

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