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Static HTML Website

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HTML Website are very light and fast. It can also be defined as computer language that is used to creating webpages and websites on the internet. It is a code that gives the browser instruction of how to display and what to display and present on the webpage. The language consists of labels that are known as tags. These tags are surrounded by angle brackets.

The extensions used for HTML Website are .html or .htm. HTML Website is created by web developer by using HTML along with a variety of other markup and scripting languages such as CSS and Java Script. Unlike WordPress HTML website have all your content in the form of static files.

HTML Website
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Static HTML Website

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HTML Website Advantages

No Maintenance

Unlike WordPress HTML websites require little to no maintenance. Once you have uploaded your website all you have to do is create a backup and you are done.

No Backups

There are no regular updates or backups required for static HTML websites which makes them easy to maintain and run without worrying data lost and technical issues.

Cost Effective

The websites require a very little cost when it comes to servers as they work fine on cheap servers with low resources. They do no require PHP or MySQL servers to work efficiently.

HTML Website Disadvantages

Difficult to Edit

HTML website are very difficult to update which is why you would require the need to hire an expert every time you want to update a page or add images or text and features.

Expert Cost

Hiring an expert every time you want to make change or update your content will cost you a lot of money and the experts would recommend you to switch to WordPress

No Updates

With the development in the technology every day you would have to update features of your website as your businesses grows such as add a store or a gallery to stay in the race.

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