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Logo Design

Every great logo begins with an even better story.

A logo is a graphic mark, symbol or an emblem that is used to help promote public recognition. It is the graphical representation of your brand. It can include images, abstract or figurative, and text in the form of word-mark. Logo design is often misinterpreted by businesses as being their brand (it isn’t.) Your brand is not visual like a logo – it is held in hearts and minds – but that doesn’t diminish the importance a logo has in the foundation of a great brand.

A logo’s job is to be unique, recognizable, and instantly representative of your brand. While many companies seek to keep their logo design in step with the latest trends, the most powerful logo design are the ones which stand the test of time with very little alteration. With award-winning marks in international publications, we have experience creating logo design that will put your brand’s image in position for success.

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Things to consider when designing a logo

When you think about logos you can only name a few of them, such as apple and Nike. Why is that? Why can’t you remember the logo of the shop that is right next to it?

The answer to the question is that the logo or apple or Nike is designed to according to the perspective of the people which is why it stays etched in the minds of its viewers. Following are the steps that you must keep in mind while designing a logo for your brand.


You need a logo that would represent your unique identity in the market. You must take inspiration of the already existing logos of other brands while designed. Figure out what makes them tick in the mind of the viewer. The more you research the better logo you are going to have.


Your logo should be unique and must not resemble any other existing logo or your customers are most likely to confuse it. Your logo is your identity thus it should be unique and distinctive so that you can stand out in the market and leave long lasting impression in your customers mind.

Trends don’t matter

There is no such thing as a trend. It is your ideas and innovation that turn into a trend. Thus while designing a logo don’t think about what others are doing, We in WaterCore always think outside the box to create a unique logo design for your business so that it will became a trendsetter.

Hire an expert

You must be a business man but that doesn’t mean you are good at creating logos. If your want your brand to have an etched logo then you must put in some cost and hire us to design a logo according to your needs.

Colour and font

Colours are always eye catching and you must have an attractive colour scheme that will put you forward in the logo race. Colour and font evoke positive or negative thinking in the viewer’s mind which affect your brand.

Message of the logo

The logo must convey a clear and precise message of your business so that the next time someone is thinking of buying something related to your business, your brand should be the first one to pop up in their mind.

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