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If you are someone who’s busy and finds it really difficult to search through the many icons on your Mac IconJar might just be the answer to all your worries.With Icon jar you have to no longer worry about managing your icons and searching for them. The company says their ultimate goal is to make IconJar a part of your workflow and make the process so smooth that you don’t even realize it.

The Apps creators revealed that they created the App because it was extremely difficult for them to cope with the thousands of icons on their computer and they wanted to free not only themselves but all others like them of this hassle. So what is IconJar?

IconJar Founders: Davey Heuser and Curtis Hard, Creator of IconJar

IconJar provides an overview of all your icons this helps you not only store them in one place but also makes it easier to find your desired icon without you having to go through several folders.It’s a very easy to use software.

Some key features of IconJar that distinguish it from all other such software are:


While such softwares are very handy and make your life so much easier saving you the trouble and hassle of managing your icons they are usually expensive. But worry no more! You can use the very efficient and easy software for a fairly cheap price.


Whenever you buy a product or service for the first time it’s good to be cautious so one can make the right decision and avoid future regret but with IconJar you don’t have to worry about that. They offer a free trial that you can download in order to determine whether the software suits you and works for you or not. If you like it you can buy the full version.



IconJar is a highly efficient program and it has been designed to work at a very high speed to make your search quick and easy. This feature enables you to view any icon in your desired size in merely seconds.


The App includes an extensive freebie section where you can choose from a variety of premium icons and these icons are available for download for free. The freebie section has a vast collection of icons that are designed by the design community.

IconJar is a Mac App which enables you to keep all your icons in one place, in simple words, it’s the easiest way to manage all your icon sets.


With this software exporting icons has become a breeze you can export your desired icon in a size you like by just selecting it and choosing the size, once that is done click export and your icon will be exported without you having to worry o wait for long. You can also drag any icon of your choice to any Mac App it’s fairly easy and it works with all kinds of Apps even the ones that don’t support SVG.


IconJar is a very user-friendly software which is available at a fairly cheap cost for the ease it provides to its users. The software has received several positive reviews and hardly any negative ones.

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