Should you Hire a Freelancer or Design Studio for Your Next Project

Freelancer or Design Studio

Many companies face this issue when they will like to hire a web designer or a graphic designer. The struggle to chose between a freelancer or design studio is quite real and the future of various companies depends on this question.

We have compared both the freelancer and the design studio so that companies can make this decision easily without having any doubts about what they chose.

There are many people out there who chose t make their career as a freelancer which allows them the freedom to take work that interests them then carry out work according to their own preference. A freelancer individual will complete the task on their own without taking any external help and the job that has to be carried out will complete by one person only from the beginning to the end.

Below are a few advantages and disadvantages of working with a freelancer.

Advantages of Working with a Freelancer

Reduced Price: Hiring a freelancer means that you will only pay for the job that is to be done and not for other company expenses like their vacations, office space, and much more. Freelancers work from home and they hardly have any external costs. So, hiring a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a design agency.

Communication: As one person takes care of the whole project, you can always contact them on their personal number and ask questions that confuse you. Moreover, you can work on the project with your hired freelancer on one on one basis and make sure that everything is done according to how you want it to be.

Disadvantages of Working with a Freelancer

1. Unfamiliarity with the brand: As the freelancer may be new to your company he may not know your company well enough to produce the work that may be similar to the previous work that has been done by the company.


Both the Freelancer and the Design Studio have their pros and cons and companies have to make decision according to their own needs. They should opt for whatever option suits the project the most.


A design studio is a company where one person in the team is an expert to do a particular task, so the work is divided among the team members. Here are some Advantages of Hiring a Design Studio

After-Sale Services: Even when the company is done with your project they will provide you with any service that you may require regarding that particular project. The customer-company relationship may not end even after the job has been done.

Efficiency: As all the members of the team are experts in what they do, they are even more efficient as they have handled the same kind of work on a daily basis.

The disadvantage of Hiring a Design Studio
Less Flexibility: Design Studio is less flexible as every appointment has to be planned beforehand. Moreover, they keep their customers away from their own projects and do not stand any interference.

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