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Zoho Books

Zoho is a customer relationship management software which provides a wide variety of online services enables small businesses to manage their work at a considerably low cost. It is a US based corporation that provides both free and paid online services to individuals as well as small businesses allowing them to manage their contacts and automate their email marketing and lead generation tasks with ease. Zoho has many different programs under the same name that provide different services like Zoho Books, Zoho Projects and Zoho Mail. The best thing about Zoho is that you can access all of these services which helps businesses in handling customer data with greater efficiency.

Zoho books for freelance graphic designers and small creative agencies is one of ZOHO corporations many services. It is a business accounting tool mainly for freelancers and small businesses. The service has many innovative features and enables you to manage your cash flow efficiently.


It manages all your projects in one place this helps you manage multiple projects in one place hence taking less time. It has a timer button which ensures you complete your work on time. With Zoho books tracking your sales is a breeze and it takes no time at all the software automatically updates the number and the price of the items as they are bought or sold. Zoho Books, keeps track on everything you can easily check the exact quantity available, change it when you want, and lastly you can also set reminders to buy items when the stock levels fall.

Another great feature of Zoho is how it makes communicating with people related to your business so much easier be it your employees or your business partners Zoho books manages your contacts for you making communication much easier. Zoho has not just made doing business easy but you can even check your businesses progress and run reports to get in-depth analysis of your progress. The software helps you create detailed financial reports you may not even need an accountant with Zoho you can monitor and make reports like Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Trial Balance this helps you better judge your businesses performance.

With Zoho books you can track your receivables, payables, income, cash flow and expenses all in one place without any hassle.


With Zoho Books you do not have to worry about sending lengthy files over to your financial advisors for them to review, you can simply easily invite them and share your financial data with them. So you can instantly get expert advice from business advisors and accountants. With Zoho books you can easily convert and calculate your foreign currency balance using the base currency adjustment screen. The Auto-scan option in Zoho Books scans your document details enabling you to easily convert them into an invoice, bill, expense, sales order, or purchase order. Apart from these services Zoho books has many other features like document management, mobile apps, automatic bank feeds, inventory management and much more.

Zoho books services can be availed at very affordable prices. These prices depend on the features that you avail or the package that you choose. Checkout their Website for Prices.

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