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Adobe Creative Suite is known to be a tool for designers. Adobe Creative Suite comes both in Mac and in PC. Mac has been labelled as the designer machine and Pc is considered a machine that is used mostly by businessmen. However, the question is if Mac is actually the perfect machine for designers or PC has replaced this choice over the years? So let’s find out which one is more suitable, Mac or Windows for Graphic Designers.

This article will further discuss which computer system; Mac or Windows is suitable for GRAPHIC DESIGNERS. It is important that each element of both Mac and Windows is observed carefully before a graphic designer decides to buy a machine to work on, because the comfort of the graphic designer is most important. Designers must notice if the computer is able to cater their needs properly.

We have collected a few points that we think are extremely important for designers and compared the efficiency of both Mac and Windows under these attributes. Here are 3 points to help you decide which computer is more suitable for you if you are a graphic designer.


On the other side, Windows is a better for designers who are working in the field of architecture, 3-D rendering and gaming as these designers find a much larger range of software in Windows. So, such graphic designers prefer having Windows over Mac.

Adobe Creative Suite is created both for Mac and Windows. There is no major difference between the software, however Mac allows the designers to use a larger number of tools and application which are not found in the Windows.

Photographer and editors tend to prefer Mac over Windows because Mac has a greater amount of photo editing software. Other than Adobe CS software the photo editing software that are available in Mac include Aperture and Lightroom. Even though Windows has all the software available too, designers who have to work in editing prefer using mac more.


Colors, typography and graphics are the key elements that a graphic designer has to work with. If the computer they are using does not allow them to observe their designs properly, then there is no point of owning that machine. Apple has worked upon improving its fonts and colors, which is really important for designers especially print designer, as it is essential that the ad the work they create on their computers is exactly the same as they expect it to be on the paper. Mac also provides designers with font standardization, which creates fewer font conflicts and the designer’s work becomes easy.


The real question is which one is more user friendly for graphic designers; Mac or Windows? The is one major attribute that a graphic designer requires because if they are not comfortable in working on their own computer system they might not be able to produce work that will be up to the mark.

Mac is more preferred by designers because of it’s shortcut keys. The shortcut keys save time and are more efficient, and once you get used to them your work becomes easy. Yes, Windows also offers shortcut keys but Mac has better and more efficient shortcut keys.

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