What is Product Catalog and why It’s important for every business

Product Catalog is an effective way to layout the products for your customers. It shares a set of information about your products with your customers. It is an effective way to expand your customer’s base and reveal your amazing products to your clients or customers. It is an advertisement tool for the products of the company and helps those customers that are unable to come to your store.

Designing product catalog requires certain experts to work together and develop something that would attract the attention of the customers and persuade them to buy the products laid out on the catalog. The process of designing the catalog is as follows;

1) Gather the content
The main thing in designing a catalog is to gather the content that you want to put in the catalog. This could include models of a certain type or all the products that you are selling. The content would include images of the product, features of the product, customers testimonials, information about the company and other content that you want to include in the catalog.

You can have your product catalog in a hard copy or simply upload it to your website or mobile application.

2) Produce visually appealing product images.
Appealing images of the product can attract the attention of the customers. The more compelling and fascinating the pictures look, the more the customer thinks of buying them thus images are the most important aspect of your catalog.

3) Know your product features
Along with the pictures you must give a description about the product in about 100-150 words, defining the use of the product and its major features.

4) Size of the catalog
You must figure out the size of the catalog, how many pages and the dimension of the page so that you can insert the content accordingly. The more aware you are of the size the more exceptionally you will layout the images and the descriptions of the products

5) Impressive Cover
Lastly you need an impressive cover because a book is always judged by its cover. It the cover catches the eye of the customer he or she would most probably be tempted to look inside it. Your main focus here is to attract your customers to the product thus having an aspiring cover is most likely to attract them.

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