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Design a Logo is more than images, colors and words, it has to have a reason or a logic behind it! A logo doesn’t need to be colorful, square, black & white, with texts; there is no set parameter to create the best logo. A Logo should be simple and reusable so that it creates brand identity without any complexes. “Nike” & “Apple” logos are perfect examples of simplicity in design. People may pronounce the company names differently (per their respective language accents) however, all of then recognise the brands by their uniform logo. By this example, you should have understood the value and point behind designing a logo for a company.


Research and Brainstorming is Very Important. Determine the primary function of the company that you’re designing the logo for, ask questions; Like:

  • What business are they into?
  • What color preferences they have (if any)?
  • Who is their targeted audience?

and ask additional questions that you think might be helpful for you while you design the options for them.

A Logo Design represents the brand through shape, colors, fonts, images etc. – Create at least one option that directly denotes their primary business. The Combination of letters, words, colors and image gives viewer a clear understanding that they are into which business.

Ask questions, look stupid at the beginning and know all the answers when it comes to delivering the result.


Create multiple options in order to get one finalised, do adequate brainstorming, ask questions and most importantly take your time – Do not, I repeat – DO NOT work on tight deadlines when working on a logo project. Don’t hesitate to use a pencil and a paper, draw your initial thoughts, you can also draw directly on the design tool(s) you use. Sketching is a quick and easy way to get a unique idea from your head.

When you have a few options ready; look at them yourself (Again), show those to your friends or anyone. Request feedbacks from your friends and family, not to be taken seriously but listening is a good habit.


Ask key questions on the logo; Like, do you think it looks ugly or attractive? Boring or exciting? Genetic or Unique? Contemporary or Outdated? Fun or Serious?


After using paper/pen, imagination, thoughts, feedbacks and options, it’s time convert the almost finalised options for presentation to the client, present the options professionally use mockup layouts. Explain the presented options to them, give your designs a little description; For example – Suppose, you’ve created a logo option for an event organiser using earth & creatures as an image | pink, blue and other bright colors.. So the description to the client should be like, “I’ve used bright pink, a happening color as its an event company, blue and grey to show trustworthiness and integrity of the company. I have used the creatures that make the earth complete. Darker shades transformed to brighter shades indicate that the company make us feathery without worries. In another option, I used orange and yellow color tone for happiness, green for earth and environment ”

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